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Express Anti-stress Facial - $38 ~ 30 minutes
Refresh your skin with an express facial. Cleansing, light steam and face, neck, shoulder massage allows you to escape for a short while.

Teen Facial - $48 ~ 40 minutes

For those Teens who want a deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions to get skin glowing and beautiful again.

Melanie's Signature Facial - $65 ~ 60 minutes

Revitalize your skin and soothe away the stress of modern lifestyles. This cleansing and relaxing treatment is essential for the maintenance of radiant, healthy skin.

Deep Purifying Cleansing Facial - $75 ~ 60 minutes

Refine and tone normal, oily or problem skin. Deep cleansing and exfoliation techniques removes impurities and leaves you with radiant glow of soft, balanced and clean skin.

Anti-Aging/Antioxidant Facial - $69 ~ 60 minutes

Treat and nourish sun damaged and mature skin with natural antioxidants. Excellent for sensitive and allergic skin conditions. Your skin will benefit from this facial with special attention to the delicate eye area for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, pigmentation, puffiness and redness.

Sensitive Skin Soothing Facial - $69 ~ 60 minutes

This unique facial using the most gentle, calming products, is designed to cleanse, hydrate, nurture and soothe. Ideal for clients with Rosacea.

Dreamtime Facial - $139 ~ 90 minutes

Begin with a lemon-lime footbath. Incorporating the indigenous Aboriginal technique of massage called Kiradjee for the shoulders, neck, scalp, face, hands and feet. A blend of therapeutic techniques to give long lasting benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

The Ultimate Experience - $115 ~ 90 minutes

During this complete pampering treatment, your hands, arms and feet are massaged while your face is nourished and nurtured by a series of rich penetrating masks to purify and hydrate your skin.

3 Facials - $162
Buy two get the third 50% off

6 Facials - $345
Buy five get the sixth free


De-stress anti-puff collagen eye treatment - $20
Using firming and hydrating products especially designed for the eye area. Cold ice pads are added with a rose oil eye massage.

Eye Lash Tint - $20

Brow Tint - $15

Exclusive Offer

New Clients Receive 15% Off First Visit

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Utopia Skincare

Reviews From our Satisfied Clients

  • "I'm in love with everything about Utopia Skincare! It's such a welcoming, fun, and relaxing environment."
  • "They did our entire bridal party on the day of our wedding. Both the ladies and the gentlemen had a great time being pampered and everyone looked like a million bucks!"
  • "The stylists at Utopia Skincare are simply the best. I've been a client for 10 years and will never go anywhere else."

Beauty Insights From Our Stylists

Learn how to look your best with these tips!

  • History of Baths and Spas

    For as long as there have been towns and cities, public baths have been available to provide people with a place to get clean, relax and enjoy other health benefits. Public baths were not just about staying clean, though. These spaces allowed people to socialize and stay connected with others in their ...

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  • Why Water Matters to Our Skin

    Even though staying hydrated is essential for your overall health, it’s not clear how much of an impact it will have on your skin. Some people say that drinking more water doesn’t help their skin, but others find that staying hydrated gives their skin a healthy glow. If you have acne, you might ...

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  • Preventing and Reducing Wrinkles

    Wrinkles are one of the many byproducts of the advancing years. And while we may want to celebrate the wisdom that comes with age, most of us aren’t so excited about the wrinkles! Let’s look at why wrinkles happen, what we can do about them and how to slow their arrival. Causes of Wrinkles Wrinkles ...

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  • Minimizing Large Pores

    For many women, large pores are a top beauty concern. These small holes can feel giant, leading to lowered confidence and self-esteem. But if large pores have you singing the blues, here’s what you should know. Causes Everybody has pores. Some people’s are just more noticeable than others. These ...

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  • Common Skin Types

    Everyone’s skin is unique, but there are five basic skin types. Knowing which type you have will help you take care of your skin and choose skin care products that will keep your skin looking healthy. Keep in mind that your skin may change as you get older. Other factors can also affect your skin ...

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  • Benefits of Saunas and Steam Rooms

    Spending time in a sauna or steam room can be a relaxing and healthy addition to your day at the spa. Both of these use heat to make you sweat and increase your heart rate and circulation. This can help you sleep more soundly and deeply when you go home. Saunas use dry heat with some moisture added ...

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  • Keeping Skin Soft and Smooth

    Whatever your age, keeping your skin smooth and soft can become a daily battle. While there is no guaranteed way to hold back the clock, you can take a few simple steps to slow down the aging of your skin. This will help keep it soft, moist and smooth for longer. Proper Face Cleansing The first step ...

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  • Understanding Masks, Peels and Scrubs

    It’s wonderful how many beauty options are on the market now, but consumers can easily get overwhelmed and confused. When is a facial peel warranted? What results can you expect from a mask? And why are there so many different scrubs? Let’s take a peek at each of these categories of skin care. Scrubs Facial ...

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  • Finding the Right Facial Moisturizer

    The shelves in store cosmetic departments sag from the weight of jars, tubes and bottles of moisturizers. And prices range from a few bucks to about the price of your monthly electric bill. So how do you know which one will work? Here’s our quick and easy guide to moisturizers. How it Works Basically, ...

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  • Types of Facial Treatments

    Whether your skin is naturally dry, irritated, oily, acne-prone, combination or sensitive, we can help you achieve the healthy, glowing skin you desire. Our esthetician uses only the highest-quality skincare products and ingredients in our facials and other skincare treatments. She can customize a treatment ...

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